9 Bengal Cat Colors: What Colors Can Bengal Cats Be?

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Bengal cats are a distinct cat breed with exquisite fur and different color patterns. They’re also famous for their luxurious coat of hair. Many people love Bengal cats because of their looks, playful nature, and gentle demeanor. 

Bengals come in all colors; however, their base color is usually tabby. They may also have blue eyes, blue eyes with cat eyespots (mackerel eyes), or green eyes.

Their coats may also have ticked or patterned markings such as rosettes or leopard spots. Some Bengals have unique features such as long tails or thumbs on all four paws; some even have extra toes on their front feet. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Bengal cat colors! Let’s find out.

Bengal Cat Colors and Coat Patterns

1. Silver Bengal Cats

Bengal Kitten Silver

You can identify a silver Bengal cat by its white coat ranging from white silver to steel-like, with black and gray spots and marble patterns. 

Silver Bengals have golden or green eyes and a black tail at the tips. They can also have blue and charcoal shade patterns on the coat. 

2. Charcoal Bengal Cats

Charcoal Bengal Cats

Charcoal color in Bengal cats presents as a variant on top of a base coat of different colors. Your charcoal Bengal will have other colors like brown and silver.

You will notice that your charcoal Bengal has a dark face mask and a dark stripe from the back.

3. Snow Bengal Cats

Snow Bengal Cats

Snow Bengal cats have three color variations, and the base coat is not pure white. Seal mink snow Bengal cat has an ivory, cream, or light brown base coat with caramel, dark brown spots, or marble patterns. Their eyes are aqua or blue-green.

Seal lynx point snow Bengal cats have the lightest shade. You’ll notice they don’t have any markings and their base coat is creamy white. They have ice-blue eyes.

Seal sepia snow Bengal cats are dark with a light brown or chocolate base coat. Their eyes are golden-brown or green.

4. Blue Bengal Cats

This variant of Bengal cats is rare. They have a powder-blue or steel-blue base coat with dark, cream, or gray-blue spots or marbles. Their eyes are green or hazel brown.

5. Melanistic or Black Bengal Cats

Selected-focus Photo of Black Kitten Leaning on White Mattress

These cats have the darkest base coat with spots and marble patterns. The markings on their fur are solid black and almost indistinguishable.

6. Brown Bengal Cats

Beautiful short hair cat drinking water from the tap at the kitchen

The brown Bengal cats have color variations of red, caramel, golden, honey, creamy, and orange with spots or marbles with black tails. Their base coat is either butter or orange-brown. Their eyes are golden or green.

7. Spotted Bengal Cats

Brown Calico Cat

Spotted Bengal cats are the most common of all varieties. They have spots of different shapes and colors of different shapes and care for different shapes and colors.

You’ll distinguish them from single spots, paw print spots, cluster spots, arrowheads, and dark or doughnut-shaped spots.

8. Marbled Bengal Cats

Marbled Bengal Cats

The marbled Bengal cats have intermingling stripes and swirls in random or flowing patterns with two or more colors. Marble cats can be grouped into four categories. 

The sheeted flow marble patterned cats have many markings on the base coat. The horizontally marbled Bengal cats have marks flowing along their spines. You’ll see markings like that of a Boa Constrictor.

The chaos-patterned marble Bengals have flows, spots, and swirls with scattered patterns and color on their coat. The high-acreage patterned Bengal cats have so many markings on their skins.

9. Sparbled Bengal Cats

A sparbled Bengal cat has a marble coat and spotted varieties. The skin is mixed with charcoal and cloud markings in some Bengals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rarest Bengal Color?

The Blue Bengal cat has a powdery-blue or steel blue coat and is the rarest.

How Can You Tell If My Bengal Cat is Purebred?

Most Bengal cats resemble domestic tabby cats. If you want to know if your Bengal cat is purebred, you need to take a genetic test or consult the breeder from where you bought your cat.

What Affects The Color of Bengal Cat Coats?

The patterns and colors of Bengal cats depend on their genes.


Bengal cats have a pastel palette full of vibrant colors. Thanks to their exotic appearance, they’re one of the world’s most recognizable cat breeds. Each Bengal has a unique pattern of spots, rings, stripes, and accents on its skin.

Their fur may be short, but Bengals have a lot of hair regardless. Their coat has an all-over layer of soft hair, a shiny sheen, and a dense undercoat. Their fur is soft to the touch and has a faux-mink look due to their hair’s thickness. 

Their coats are always clean, smooth, and shiny due to the oil glands that keep them that way.

Their sensuous skin makes them one of the world’s most famous cat breeds- no matter their color!

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