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Bengal cats usually scratch when they wake up to flex their body, claws, and feet. Bengal cats are known to be territorial, so by scratching, they leave a mark and a scent as a reminder that they have been there.

However, when they scratch your furniture, they tear it up, which can be annoying. To deter them from destroying your items, you can place anti-scratch tapes to keep them away due to the sticky repelling feeling of the tape.

Searching for the best anti-scratch tapes for your cat doesn’t have to be an uphill task. We’ve reviewed some of the best tapes you can find online.

An Overview: Best Anti-Scratch Tape for Bengal Cats

Anti-scratch Tape Best for
1. Petsluscent Cat Anti-scratch Tape Multi-use
2.Sofisti-Cat Double-Sided Anti-scratch Tape Cat training
3. Panther Armor Anti-Scratch Cat Tape Ease of use
4. Primens Heavy Duty Anti-Scratch Cat Tape Durability
5. One Sight Anti-Scratch Tape Pet-safe


Best Anti-Scratch Tape for Bengal Cats: Our 5 Top Picks

1. Best for Multi-Use: Petsluscent Cat Anti-scratch Tape,

This anti-scratch from Petsluscent is my all-time favorite. My Bengal cat aggressively scratches; sometimes, it tears up my furniture.

The anti-scratch tape is made of medical-grade double-sided sticky adhesive tape. I was worried about the sticky adhesive not coming from my surfaces, but it’s easy to remove. The cat-repellent tape has helped me train my cat to stop scratching my furniture when she feels the sticky adhesive.

The transparent tape is multi-purpose; I use it for other applications like packaging, mounting and bonding objects, and woodworking. 

2. Best for Cat Training: Sofisti-Cat Double-Sided Anti-scratch Tape

If you love your furniture and are tired of your cat destroying them by scratching, you don’t have to declaw your feline friend. The double-sided tape is an effective deterrent to scratches.

The tape is safe for your fabric furniture and your cat. Your Bengal cat detests sticky surfaces and paws. Sticking the tape on your furniture trains your cat where not to scratch.

The best thing about Sofisti-cat tape is you can use it on your armchairs, drapes, and couches. However, avoid using it on faux or bonded leather. It’s suitable for Bengal cats of all ages.

3. Best for Ease of Use: Panther Armor Anti-Scratch Cat Tape

If you want to come home and instantly install an anti-scratch tape, the Panther cat tape is your best choice. The transparent,easy-to-peel take is easy to stick wherever you want on your furniture and other surfaces.

The 8 XL 16”L 12” W, 8 L 17”L 10 ”W sticky sheet is large enough to cover big surfaces to prevent your cat from scratching. The tape sheets are packed in flat and pliable for easy application.

The plastic anti-scratch tape is non-toxic, residue-free, and does not destroy your furniture after removal. Once you stick the tape, it’s easy to train your cat to use paws on the furniture.

4. Best for Durability: Primens Heavy Duty Anti-Scratch Cat Tape

Primens anti-scratch tape is made of high-quality material to withstand sharp objects and your cat’s claws. The tapes are flexible to take the shape of your furniture for maximum protection.

The ten tapes are sticky without leaving residues when you remove them. The pack comes with 60 pins to secure the tape on the furniture. The 17” x 12” sheets are large enough to cover your furniture adequately.

The tape has self-adhesive properties and is transparent to blend well with your furniture. The tapes work well on fabric furniture. However, don’t stick them on faux or leather surfaces. 

5. Best for Pet-Safe: One Sight Anti-Scratch Tape

If your cat suffers from allergies, you will likely be cautious when buying deterrent tapes. The One Sight anti-scratch tape is made of hypo-allergenic, non-toxic material safe for your Bengal cat.

The double-sided tape is wide enough to cover large surfaces of your furniture and other surfaces.  The sticky feeling of the tape discourages your cat from scratching, so it’s easy to train them not to damage your furniture.

The scratch-resistant tape is durable and easy to use, as you only need to peel and stick it on your desired surfaces. It’s transparent and works well with furniture of any color. That’s not all; you can use the tape for your DIY work.


Anti-scratch tapes effectively prevent your Bengal cat from scratching your home’s windows, drapes, furniture, and other surfaces.

When you stick anti-scratch tape on your furniture, your Bengal cat knows it should scratch elsewhere. The sticky feeling of the tape repels the cat. Be sure to look out for residue-free takes so you don’t leave your furniture messed up when you peel off the tape.

We’ve reviewed some of the best anti-scratch tapes for Bengal cats to make your search easy.

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