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If you are planning to bring a new Bengal cat pet to the family, you need to have more information about them. For instance, you need to know how to deal with them, how they live, and their diet. An excellent way to know them is by getting the best books for Bengal cat Owners.

The more you learn about Bengal cats, the better you can relate with each other. Below, we have compiled a list of the five best books for Bengal cat owners from the best Bengal cat authors.

Let’s check them out!

Summary: Best Books for Bengal Cat Owners

Product Best Feature
#1. Bengal cats: The Ultimate Pet Guide New parents
#2. Bengal Cats. Bengal Cat Owners Manual Well-explained
#3. Bengal Cats and Kittens: Complete Owner’s Guide Highly informative
#4. The Honest Bengal Cat Guide for Humans Factual
#5. Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat Gifting


Best Books for Bengal Cat Owners: Our 5 Best Picks

1. Best for New Parents: Bengal Cats: The Ultimate Pet Guide

The ultimate Bengal cat pet guide is written by Lolly Brown, an animal lover. This amazing Bengal cat pet guide is an excellent book, especially for new pet owners. This pet guidebook teaches new Bengal cat parents how to raise and take care of them.

If you want to be the best Bengal cat owner, this book will guide you on how to be one. The book features helpful information about Bengal cats that you need to understand. For instance, the book tells about their breed, diet, types, and lifespan.

The book goes on to tell about how to deal with them, how to care for them, their breeding, how to train them, and many more.

2. Best Well Explained: Bengal Cats. Bengal Cat Owners Manual

Written by Steve Richardson, the book tells how to own a happy Bengal cat. The book talks about the modern Bengal cat who is very sweet despite maintaining the wild appearance of the Asian Leopard cat. 

It goes on to say that, despite the cat having wild blood, it does not mean it behaves wildly. The book illustrates the Bengal cat as loving with a very strong personality. The Bengal cat is also portrayed to love human company.

In addition, the book says Bengal cats have a unique character, that is, a love for the water. The book also continues to say the Bengal cat bonds easily with family members. Since Bengal cats are very active, the elderly might be unable to keep up with them.

3. Best Highly Informative: Bengal Cats and Kittens: Complete Owner’s Guide

The book ‘‘Bengal Cats and Kittens’’ is perfect for parents who want to become new Bengal cat owners. The book introduces you to the Bengal cat by disclosing their dog-like habits. It portrays the Bengal cat as a loyal companion.

In this book, the Bengal cat has a strong love for the water, walks on a leash, fetches, and is as beautiful as the original Asian Leopard. Additionally, the book gives information on Bengal cats’ temperament, buying cost, personality, diet, training, health, life expectancy, and many more.

Furthermore, this book gives further information on how the Bengal cat compares to other exotic breeds of cats with wild origins, TICA information, and USA legal considerations.

4. Best factual: The Honest Bengal Cat Guide for Humans

This book is written by Shirley O’corner. The author writes about her experience with her own Bengal cat and uses that information to help aspiring Bengal cat owners understand it more. The book highlights the joys and hazards of living with a kitten or Bengal cat. 

In addition, The Honest Bengal Cat Guide for Humans provides information pet owners need to know about Bengal kittens and Cats. For instance, their history, origins, markings, behaviors, tricks, IQ, favorite games, and mindset.

5. Best for Gifting: Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat

Travels of Suki the Adventure cat is written by Martina Gutfreund and Dr. Leigh- Anne Ingram. In this book, the author writes about how to train your Bengal cat to be adventurous.

In the book, Suki is an adorable Bengal cat from Canada who is very confident about taking her little paws on adventures.

Suki adventures in the castles of Europe to the shores of California. Besides, she takes photos with her human parents for her readers about every exploration.  

Final Thoughts

If you are a Bengal cat owner, the above five best books for Bengal cat owners are definitely for you. The books are easy-to-read and very informative. They are also not long, so you get bored while reading.

The books talk about everything you need to know about Bengal cats. You just need to pick one with the information you want to know. If you want to know what is the average lifespan of a Bengal cat, you will get it all here.

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