5 Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats (To Keep Your Pet Engaged)

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Bengal cats are sweet and loving. Although they are not cuddly, they love being around people to experience affection and attention. Bengals are naturally an alert and curious breed.

Unlike other cats, Bengals like to be high up. You’ll notice that they love climbing trees. The cats are athletic and need adequate space for exercise.

For your Bengal pet cat, you need a good cat tree for them to romp and jump. Here’s a review of some of the best cat trees for Bengal cats.

Quick Summary: Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats


Cat Tree Best for
1. Furhaven Cat Tree Unlimited toys
2. Topeakmart Multi-Level Cat Tree Anti-toppling
3. Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Safety trap
4. Feandrea Cat Tower for Indoor Cats Indoor
5. Go to Pet Club Cat Tree Active cats

Best Cat Trees for Bengal Cats: Our Top 5 Picks

1. Best for Unlimited Toys: Furhaven Cat Tree

Furhaven cat tree is a tower that allows your cat to have unlimited fun with her toys. The tree’s playground has plush ball toys, sisal posts, a prey toy, an interactive IQ busy box, and a hanging rope. The tower design promotes your cat’s health since it exercises as it climbs.

The sisal rope posts are healthy for your cat to scratch as it boosts their healthy nails. The sisal rope is strong and durable to withstand your cat’s scratching behavior.

The tower has two cat hideouts to provide a great burrowing and nesting space. The 19.7″ x 19.7″ x 69.3″ cat tower is large enough for your cat to have fun. The tree is easy-to-clean, so you don’t have to worry about dirt.

2. Best for Anti-Toppling: Topeakmart Multi-Level Cat Tree

My Bengal cats are pretty giant, and I wanted a strong cat tree they could play in without worrying me. Topeakmart cat tree from engineered wood is strong enough to support more than one cat.

The 57’’ expandable multi-level cat tree is large and spacious enough to suit my large Bengal cats. My cats hide out in the condos and perch for fun. I love the anti-toppling material on the tower posts, so my cats are safe during play.

The cat tower is made of durable and safe materials covered with soft, skin-friendly plush and posts. The posts are fitted with twisted natural sisal for a tight grip when scratching.

3. Best for Safety Trap: Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower

If you’re looking for a comfortable cat tree with a relaxing spot, the Yaheetech tower is your best choice. The cat tree has two fluffy room condos and well-cushioned top perches for comfort when your cat is sleeping.

The interactive cat tree has six sisal posts arranged at different heights to allow your cat to have fun and jump to different levels. It’s also fitted with bungee cords with sisal twine and jingly furballs for interactive play.

The tree’s E1-compliant board material, soft fabric cover, and natural sisal ensure your cat plays in a safe environment. The multi-layered tree is stable to support your big cats.  That’s not all; the posts have a safety trap to secure your cat from injury in case it falls.

4. Best for Indoor: Feandrea Cat Tower for Indoor Cats

Feandrea cat tree provides maximum comfort to your Bengal cat. The bed’s soft pad material gives it a relaxing feel. 

The cat tree has four stable posts supported by steel frames. If you worry about your cat not having fun in case the pompom breaks down, the Feandrea tree has a spare for endless fun.

The fluffy hammock design tower is made with high-quality particle board reinforced at the bottom using battens. It’s equipped with wear-resistant sisal, durable plush, and an anti-slip kit for your cat’s security.

The condo is multi-layered and designed like a staircase, so your younger cats can have fun indoors.

5. Best for Active Bengal Cats: Go Pet Club Cat Tree

If your Bengal cat is active, you don’t have to worry about destroying your furniture. The Go pet club cat tree provides your cat with endless fun. Its sisal posts have mice toys attached to them for a fun time. 

When your cat wants to nap, it can rest in the quiet condo and safely relax on the edge of raised perches. The 33″ W x 22″ L x 72″ H cat tree is spacious to fit your small and large cats.

For durability, the cat tree is made with faux fur, sisal rope, and compressed wood. Your cat can scratch on the sisal ropes for fun as it strengthens its paws. You don’t have to worry about your feline friend destroying your furniture if it has a cat tree.


Bengal cats are an active breed and to keep them well exercised. The cats are large, so your choice of a cat tree should be strong enough to support their weight.

We’ve reviewed some of the best cat trees suitable for your Bengal cat to narrow your search.

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