Best Food for Bengal Cats (For a Healthy Feline Friend)

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Bengals are large cats and need nutritious food to keep them vibrant and uphold their active and playful lifestyle.

Get a healthy and tasty diet packet for your feline friend, who will love every bite. Cats love wet and dry food.

Check that you get the best food for the kittens and adult cats to maintain your cat’s health. With numerous food brands, you might find it hard to choose the best food.

Stick on as we narrow down to the best food for your Bengal cat.

Quick Summary: Best Food for Bengal Cats 


Food Best Feature
Hills Science Adult Dry Cat Food Balanced minerals 
Orijen Dry Cat Food Premium meat 
Wellness Complete Wet Canned Cat Food High moisture content 
Royal Canin Feline Nutrition Specialized kibble 
Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food Natural 
Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Dietary magnesium 
Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Nutritious oils


Best Food for Bengal Cats: Our Top 7 Choices

1. Best Overall: Hills Science Adult Dry Cat Food

Your cat will love every bite of this cat food containing a taurine amino acid that keeps the heart healthy, which the veterinarian recommends.

The balanced minerals in this food support the Bengal cat’s kidney and bladder, not to mention the high-quality proteins that enhance your cat’s lean muscles.

It has vitamin E supplements, and omegas 3 and 6 help in brain development, plus keep your cat’s fur and skin.

2. Best Digestible: Orijen Dry Cat Food

These sweet kibbles use 90% premium meat and fish that keeps your cat’s digestive system healthy. The WholePrey nutrient helps keep the coat smooth and prevent hairballs.

Its ingredients include fresh and raw animal protein, wild-caught fish, and free-run turkey and chicken, and for every meal, keep a fine coat on your cat.

It has a sweet raw flavor from the freeze-dried liver. The food has high digestibility with prebiotics such as dry chicory roots, vegetables, and fiber.

3. Best Wet Food: Wellness Complete Wet Canned Cat Food.

Your Bengal cat will love every meal of this natural wet food for adult cats with high-quality proteins and vitamins.

The food contains balanced minerals and fatty acids that help develop and balance nutrition, plus the pate is smooth for an irresistible taste that supports healthy hydration.

The food promotes healthy teeth and bones since it has naturally occurring calcium and phosphorus from proteins and the prebiotic fiber sources promote healthy digestion.

4. Best for Picky Bengal: Royal Canin Feline Nutrition.

The specialized kibble has unique shapes to give your cat an appetite appeal even when she is unwell and has some digestive tract sensitivity.

It’s 100% complete and balanced to offer the best nutritional value plus the prebiotics and fibers facilitate optimal digestion.

The high protein food has a higher concentration of nutrients and energy density in a small portion to loosen optimal stool.

5. Best Natural:  Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food

The food has real chicken that feeds your feline friend’s wild side, and the high protein helps maintain and build lean muscle mass.

It’s free from grains such as wheat, corn, and soy that cause bloating, and instead, it has other healthy carbohydrates, including sweet potatoes and peas for a healthy cat

The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids keep the fur and coat smooth and minimize shedding, plus the blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals give your cat life source bits for a healthy immune system.

6. Best for Urinary Tract: Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

If your cat struggles with urinary tract issues, the fantastic chicken entrée from Purina will reduce the tract’s PH and provide minimal dietary magnesium.

The food is made using real chicken and has a taste that your chicken will love, not to mention that it’s a highly digestible formula for optimal nutrient delivery.

It’s free from preservatives and colors that could alter your cat’s health. The gravy has 25 essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health.

7. Best for Kittens: Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

The food will serve your Bengal kitten with its 81% natural animal ingredients and nutritious oils, fruits, and 19% vegetables for a balanced diet.

It has high protein content for lean muscle growth, and the probiotics support healthy digestion, with the omegas giving a shiny coat.

It’s grain free hence no chances for your cat to bloat, and each kibble is coated with freeze-dried liver for a tastier feel that even picky cats can’t resist.

Final Thoughts

Get the best cat food with proper nutrition to keep your cat healthy. Cats are meat lovers, and a high animal protein source will leave them craving more and help in lean muscle development. Ensure the package has a high animal protein content for providing taurine.

Additionally, check that the food is grain free to avoid bloating and it can provide other sources of carbohydrates. Remember to ensure the food is free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

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