Best Vitamins for Bengal Cats (To Supplement Diet)

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To ensure that your cat has a happy and healthy life, you should include some dietary supplements in their food or after meals.

Some people argue that giving your cat a wholesome, nutritious meal is enough, and your feline friend won’t need some vitamin supplements. However, it depends on your cat’s health and response to diet.

Stick on as we check some of the best vitamin and dietary supplements for your Bengal cat.

Quick Summary: Best Vitamins for Bengal Cats

Vitamin Best Feature 
1. Purina Fortiflora Cat Supplement Probiotic 
2. RestoraPet Organic Cat Supplement Premium 
3. Solid Gold Kelp Supplement Organic 
4. 10 in-1 Cat and Dog Multivitamin Cranberry extract
5. Dinovite for Cat Supplement Fast absorption 
6. Omega 3 Fish Oil for Cats Itch relief
7. Vetflix Pet Supplement Anti inflammatory 


Best Vitamins for Bengal Cats: Our Top 7 Choices

1. Best Probiotic: Purina Fortiflora Cat Supplement

Adding a sachet of this powder to your cat food will help dietary management for kittens and adult cats with its probiotic nature preventing diarrhea.

The supplement has vitamin C and E supplements, plus other amino acids like taurine help in heart health and development.

It builds a robust immune system and undergoes a proprietary microencapsulation process to enhance stability.

Each packet has a guaranteed level of antioxidants and microorganisms to improve your cat’s digestive health and restore appetite.

2. Best Premium: RestoraPet Organic Cat Supplement

The supplement works well for cats and other mammals, and it helps in combating inflammations and increasing the energy levels of your active Bengal cat.

It contains 11 antioxidants to help reduce joint pain and increase muscle strength and mobility. 

It’s an organic formula with vitamin EPA/DHA that will improve your kitten’s coat and build on her appetite. The bacon flavor adds sweetness.

The dropper is well-calibrated for easier administration. It also helps your cat develop a healthy immune, connective, cellular, and respiratory system.

3. Best for Digestion: Solid Gold Kelp Supplement

The nutrient-rich powder utilizes red, brown, and green seaweed and other earth’s original superfood to provide exceptional cat wellness.

It contains enzymes that support digestion that improve your pet’s gut health, and they will take the right food amounts.

The supplements of 12 vitamins, 60 minerals, omega 3, and flax seeds give your healthy cat skin and a soft coat.

The vitamins also help in cleansing your feline friend’s stomach. You can include the chews in the cat’s food or feed her separately as an appetizer or an after-meal snack.

4. Best for Urinary Health: 10 in-1 Cat and Dog Multivitamin

The supplement ensures an overall health balance to give your senior Bengal cat a healthy life. The multivitamin helps in bladder and kidney well-being.

Since Bengal cats are active, the vitamins offer essential hip and joint support and provide an additional source of friendly glucosamine in advanced joints.

The cranberry extract helps organ adaptation at the cellular tissue or organism level. The drops are easy to swallow with fast absorption.

5. Best for Allergic Cats: Dinovite for Cat Supplement

The formula combines amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, and direct-fed microbial, among other nutrients, that ensure your cat’s body functions well.

It’s a prebiotic and probiotic complex that supports the gut system for excellent digestion and high immunity. 

The omega-3 fatty acids help support a shiny and smooth coat in different Bengal cat breeds, plus help in heart development.

With this supplement, your cat won’t experience seasonal allergies that cause itching, dander shedding, dry skin, or hot spots since it has highly absorbable zinc methionine.

6. Best Low Odor: Omega 3 Fish Oil for Cats

If your cat experiences abnormal shedding, you should get this supplement that uses pure anchovies, sardines, herring, and mackerel from clear ocean waters as its active ingredient.

It’s a low-odor and safe fish oil that’s human-grade and molecularly distilled to remove heavy metals and harmful toxins. It supports your cat’s joint health.

The liquid pump makes it easy to administer and supplies omega-3 oils to keep your cat healthy. 

Mackerel is rich in fatty acids to maintain beautiful skin and court, while the EPA and DHA help in inflammatory conditions.

7. Best with Biotin: Vetflix Pet Supplement

The 10-in-1 formula pet vitamin drops provide premium ingredients and multivitamins to support hip and joint physical performance and improve mobility.

The multivitamin contains biotin, which supports gut health and metabolizes carbs and amino acids.

The blend of vitamins in the supplement provides your cat with an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect beneficial to the immune system.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a vitamin supplement for your cat, ensure it works for your needs and has a reputable history. Your cat will require a minimal amount to supplement the diet. Get flavored supplements to encourage your cat to take them.

Ensure you check your cat’s health history from the breeder to guide you on which supplements to take. Check the prescription on the package to help in the proper uptake.

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