5 Best Water Fountains for Bengal Cats (So They Enjoy Drinking)

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Wet food and the water dish alone aren’t always enough to keep a cat well hydrated, which can lead to lethargy, lack of appetite, and other problems. The cat water fountain may be the answer if your cat refuses to drink from a bowl. It’s often believed that cats enjoy drinking running water.

In this article, we have listed some of the best water fountains for Bengal cats available today. Keep reading to find which best suit you.

Quick Summary: Best Water Fountains for Bengal Cats

Product  Best Feature
1. PetSafe Cat Drinking Fountain Quality
2. Wonder Creature Steel Cat Water Fountain Value
3. Tomxcute Cat Drinking Water Fountain Resistant to Rust
4. Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain Ultra-Quiet
5. ORSDA Cat Water Fountain Washable

Best Water Fountains for Bengal Cats: Top 5 Picks

1. Best Quality: PetSafe Cat Drinking Fountain

This cat water fountain has two water streams that motivate your cat to consume more water. Streams that flow freely add oxygen to the water, keeping it clean for your pet. The carbon filter purifies your cat’s water, while a foam filter traps hair and other contaminants to keep it clean.

This fountain contains 70 ounces of water and features an open bowl design, so if the power goes out in your house, your cat will continue to have water to drink. The raised top bowl is ideal for elderly cats, as they will not have to stop as low to drink.

The cat water fountain is available in four colors to complement your interior design. When cleaning your fountain, just set it on the top shelf of your dishwasher but wash the pump by hand.

2. Best Value: Wonder Creature Steel Cat Water Fountain

The stainless steel countertop is robust, sanitary, and dishwasher safe. It features a stainless steel top, three carbon filters, two spouts, one foam filter, and two washing brushes. There is no need to buy filters urgently, for it has three replacement filters rather than one.

The pump operates silently (below 40 dB). The low-voltage pump is dependable and straightforward to manage. Day and night, seeing the water level via the glass illuminated by LEDs is quite pleasant. Regularly cleaning the pump with the brushes will extend its longevity.

The water in the cat fountain is cleaned of trash, hair, and food scraps by a pre-filter sponge and a filter that are replaceable.

Cats are more likely to drink from running water than from a bowl of motionless water. Two drinking spouts and four drinking options distinguish this fountain. It gives additional alternatives for your cats and encourages them to drink more water.

3. Best Resistant to Rust: Tomxcute Cat Drinking Water Fountain

The water fountain for cats is composed of 304 stainless steel, which is more robust and resistant to rust. It is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and simple to wash.

The automated cat water fountain’s activated carbon filter and pre-filter sponge ensure it may serve as a safe and healthy source of drinking water for your cat.

There are high and low water level markings indicated in the container of this water fountain, which holds 3.2 liters of water. Still, the actual amount is more than 3 liters, making it ideal for households with several pets.

If you maintain the 1.5W pump under 20dB, just the sound of water movement is heard; thus, even if it operates at night, it will not disturb your sleep.

There are two drinking modes available on this cat water fountain: the faucet and the spring surge, designed to mimic the natural drinking routines of cats. Pets are more likely to drink from a bowl with running water, which may reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney failure.

4. Best Ultra-Quiet: Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain

The best way to protect against kidney and urinary tract illnesses is to drink enough water daily. This cat fountain water dispenser is ideal for all cats, thanks to its 95-ounce capacity.

The drinking fountain is constructed of food-grade materials and is BPA-free, robust, simple to use, and clean. The water-level glass and LED Light allow you to watch how much water your cat drinks in actual time and to determine precisely when the water bowl needs to be refilled. 

The Veken Cat Fountain has two modes: floral waterfall and gentle fountain. The water cascading down the flower blossoms on the fountain will attract pets’ attention and urge them to drink quite often.

The triple filtration system includes an ion exchange resin, an activated carbon layer, and a thick non-woven fabric to keep water fresh, better tasting, and safer for cats than ever before.

This water fountain’s pump is extremely quiet and efficient. It will last for 1.5-2 years with regular use.

5. Best Washable: ORSDA Cat Water Fountain

The ORSDA cat fountain, made from type 304 stainless steel, offers clean drinking water for your cats without compromising on hygiene. Acne on the chin is avoided, and bacterial adhesion is reduced.

The cleaning process for the pet fountain requires just the removal of the pump and nozzle. Safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher. The water pump cable is also removable, making it simple to wash.

The ORSDA fountain comprises six spare filters, one high-quality silicone mat, and three washing brushes. Help you avoid spending too much time and money searching for spares.

Final Takeaway

Your Bengal cat’s general health and well-being need to drink enough water daily and stay hydrated. Although Bengal cats enjoy the water more than other cats, it sometimes seems complicated to convince them to drink it.

The only way to avoid significant urinary issues and keep your Bengal cat hydrated is to get one of the listed best cat fountains for Bengal cats in this article.

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