10 Beautiful Bengal Cat Mixes You Should Know (With Pictures!)

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Bengal cats are renowned for their wild feline looks. They have a wild heritage that makes them beautiful yet so hospitable. 

When you see a Bengal cat, you’ll first notice the beautiful coloring and markings. You can easily differentiate each Bengal from its coat and physical features.

Bengal mixes have become trendy, but not all are easy to come by. You may be wondering what these unusual mixed breeds of felines are. That’s why we have put together our list of the most stunning Bengal mixes available.

Let’s get into details about the beautiful Bengal mixes around the world.

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Our Top 10 Beautiful Bengal Cat Mixes

1. The Main Coon Bengal Mix

Main Coon Bengal Mix

The Main Coon mix is a unique breed of the Bengal cat and the Main Coon. This toy leopard is pretty beautiful, intelligent, and somewhat quirky. It’s quite an attention seeker and loves close interactions. 

Main Coon mixes love walking, climbing, and swimming. They are wonderful companions and quite vocal too. 

The American hybrid has a spotted, marbled, and rosette coat with plenty of colors.

2. The Cheetoh Bengal Mix

Cheetoh Bengal Mix

The characteristics of the Cheetoh are many. This Bengal mix has a lot of energy and can be very playful. They are a curious and intelligent lot. At other times you’ll find them so gentle, friendly, docile, and sweet. 

The Cheetoh mix fits perfectly in large families. It is a new breed derived from the Ocicat and the Bengal cat. They have small almond eyes, prominent ears, and chiseled faces.

You’ll find them in marbled, spotted, or rosetted colors. They have a muscular build and an athletic figure.

3. The Ragdoll Bengal Mix

Ragdoll Bengal Mix

The Bengdoll, as it is often called, is a jovial, friendly, affectionate and very intelligent breed. They are a characteristic of the Ragdoll and Bengal cats. Their markings are beautiful, with a low maintenance coat.

Bengdolls are quite active and love playing and chasing after toys. You can train them easily and turn them into loyal buddies. They have a calm and friendly temperament. Their docility makes it easy to care for these beauties.

Ragdoll mixes are blue-eyed, with a long, wavy or silky coat.

4. Siamese Bengal Mix

Tiger Beautiful Cat Leo Siamese Ragdoll
Tiger Beautiful Cat Leo Siamese Ragdoll

Siamese Bengal mixes are incredibly beautiful. This rare breed is born of the Siamese and Bengal cats. They are playful, loving and affectionate. They play well with children and are modest climbers.

Their eyes are quite striking, and they have large ears. You’ll easily notice their luscious, lush coats whenever you spot them. They can be a handful when it comes to grooming.

5. The Siberian Bengal Mix

Siberian Bengal Mix

This mix is an untamed breed of Bengal and Siberian cats. The two breeds have produced an energetic, affectionate, and intelligent species that is very loyal and easy to train.

This mix is always up for a great challenge. It’s always easy to train this feline and teach them new tricks. 

6. Savannah Bengal Mix

Savannah Bengal Mix

Savannah Bengal mixes are another rare breed between domestic felines and servals. They are born of true hybrids of domestic felines and wild cats. 

They have silky, delicate fur dotted with marble, stripes, spots, or rosettes. At first glance, you’d think of them as small leopards. They love the outdoors and can be quite aggressive. 

The best way to keep this breed is to put them on a harness and leash. Training would do them a lot of good.

7. Persian Bengal Mix

Persian Bengal Mix

Persian cats are renowned for their docility and sweet nature. A Persian Bengal mix is a gorgeous-looking cat with a fluffy coat and a distinctive look. Most of them are short-haired.

This is a rare and unusual breed that requires a lot of grooming.

8. The Tabby Bengal Mix or Toyger

Tabby Bengal Mix

A tabby cat is very intelligent, obedient, smart and affectionate. It is a mix of the domestic tabby cat (shorthair) and a Bengal. 

Tabbies are known for the distinctive M-shaped mark they have on their foreheads. They are called Toygers because they look like small tigers – very sociable cats to have in the home.

Toygers have stripes all over their body. All in all, they are quite responsible, well-behaved and need little maintenance.

9. The Serengeti Bengal Mix

Serengeti Bengal Mix

This is a mixed breed of Oriental Shorthair and Bengal cats. The breed is very athletic and will require a lot of physical exercises.

Serengetis look like several wild cats but have a docile temperament. They are friendly and affectionate too. Their best attributes are agility and skilled hunting. Without much activity, they can go into depression.

10. The Abyssinian Bengal Mix

Abyssinian cat sitting on a tree log in the sun

Meowfluent describes the Abyssinian Bengal Mix cat breed as a naturally athletic, friendly and loyal breed. This is a new breed that fits perfectly in a family setting. 

Abyssinian mixes are shy, especially when around strangers. Sometimes they become very vocal.

Wrap Up

The Bengal cat mixes are a rare beauty and very costly. They have an interesting background, which originated from research and experimentation. Any cat bred with the Bengals will be exotic and stunningly beautiful. They make excellent pets for any family.

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