5 Best Automatic Feeders for Bengal Cats

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Automatic cat feeders help to dispense food to your furry friend even when you’re not around. They come equipped with a pre-programmed control system, a food reservoir, and a bowl.

An automatic feeder feeds your cat on time and schedule. You only need to program it to dispense a certain amount of food at specific times.

Bengal cats are very particular when it comes to meals and feeding schedules. To ensure they feed properly and on time, you’ll need an automatic feeder to dispense their meals on time and in appropriate proportions.

We’ve rounded up the best automatic feeders to keep your Bengal buddies full and well-nourished all day.

Scroll on to choose your preferred feeder from our five best below.

Quick Summary of Best Automatic Feeders for Bengal Cats

Feeder Best Feature
1. Automatic Cat Food Dispenser Best Overall
2. Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder Best Portable Option
3. HUICOCY Automatic Cat Feeders Best for Portion Control
4. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Best Remote Control Option
5. VOLUAS Automatic Pet Feeders Best Healthy Option


Automatic Feeders for Bengal Cats: Our Top 5 Selections

1. Best Overall: Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

Manufactured by PetiLY, the automatic cat food dispenser has a smart camera, WiFi, dual dishes, auto-timed function, and portion control. 

You can use it for multiple cats at all stages of life. It also comes with a stand, bowl, and lid. The device dispenses up to 10 meals in 20 portions every day. 

It’s easy to set the feeder to timer intervals. You also have the option to dispense the food manually using an app on your smartphone. Moreover, you can adjust the height to better care for your Bengal cat and prevent her from straining her neck. 

The food reserve has a desiccant bag that keeps the feed fresh and dry.

Built with smart technology, you can know what’s going on at home. It detects motion and sound and alerts you through the app. 

The anti-tamper lid keeps the food intact. The automatic feeder is engineered to prevent clogging through the reversal system.

This feeder is designed to conveniently come apart to enable you to clean the feed silo, bowls, and dispenser chutes. 

2. Best Portable Option: Healthy Pet Automatic Feeder

This automatic feeder from PetSafe can hold large quantities of kibble. It also dispenses semi-moist food.

With this unique feeder, you can program 12 meals for your furry friends in 4-cup portions. It makes it easy to schedule small meals that won’t upset the stomach – great for portion control when you want your Bengal to shed a few extra kilos.

It holds 24 cups of food, which it dispenses through a conveyor system. Its slow feed feature helps to control fast eaters by allocating meals slowly. 

The feeder comes with a pet-proof design and can be disassembled easily when cleaning. The best part is that you can operate the device using batteries, giving you the convenience of portability.

3. Best for Portion Control: HUICOCY Automatic Cat Feeders

HUICOCY is a stainless steel feeder with two slow feeders, a 2-way splitter, dual power, and a portion control voice recorder.

It offers timed, quantitative meals four times each day. Whether at work or attending errands outside the home, you’re assured that your Bengals will receive four meals of up to 40 portions of 5 grams daily.

The machine has a two-way splitter for two fur friends. It also has an anti-clog feature and baffles. Constructed from stainless steel, this option is very healthy and hygienic.

HUICOCY is designed with stability to prevent tipping over. It’s easy to install, use, and even disassemble for cleaning. Its dual power input design allows you to use batteries for continued food dispensing during power outages.

4. Best Remote Control Option: Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

The ArfPets feeder provides a hassle-free way of feeding your Bengal cat. It dispenses up to ten portions of every meal, with each portion containing 24ml. 

The LCD display and clock have adjustable settings to ensure meals are well-scheduled and dispensed in the right portion size. You can dispense four meals every day. The magnetic lid locks tight to keep the feed fresh.

It is constructed from quality plastic material. The built-in recorder lets you leave a special message for your Bengal cat during mealtime.

5. Best Healthy Option: VOLUAS Automatic Feeders

VOLUAS is a dry food cat feeder designed to serve your two Bengal cats. It comes with a meal divider, two bowls, and holders made from stainless steel. The gadget supports a well-balanced and healthy cat diet.

It dispenses food equally to two bowls simultaneously according to schedule. Your fur friends will enjoy equal and precise meal portions.

With a 6l capacity, you can program four meals daily, forming 40 servings of 0.264Oz each. The timer and message recording functions help to motivate the cats to eat.

VOLUAS Feeder is a pet-proof machine with a screen security lock and a tightly locked top lid. Its LED screen backlight is built with a 6-button control panel that simplifies the setup process.

The anti-clogging system enables the free flow of food.


These five automatic feeders can help your Bengals get food when needed and in the correct proportions. They make meal planning a hassle-free experience for you.

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