Best Bengal Cat Beds (For a Comfortable Night’s Sleep)

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Quality sleep for your Bengal cat is essential for its overall health. Getting the best Bengal cat beds for your cat will enable them to curl in a comfy bed. 

But what type of bed do cats like best? A bed that is long enough to curl and stretch is suitable for Bengal cats.

Shopping for a Bengal cat bed can be tricky, especially if you don’t have variety. However, we have taken our time to review a few Bengal cat beds that are highly rated on the market.

Let’s check them out!

Summary: Best Bengal Cat Beds

Product Best feature
#1. JUNSPOW Cat Bed Best for indoor and outdoor
#2. BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Cat Bed Best for winter
#3. Feltcave Cta Cave Bed Best eco-friendly
#4.K&H Pet Products Cat Bed Best easy to clean
#5. Bedsure Cat Beds Best durable


Best Bengal Cat Beds: Our 5 Best Picks

1. Best for Indoor and Outdoor: JUNSPOW Cat Bed

Bengal cats like to feel comfortable in the place where they are sleeping, and this cat bed from JUNSPOW makes your fur friend comfy while sleeping due to its breathable material. 

The material of this bed is cotton, so after washing the bed, it dries off fast both in the sun and shade. Furthermore, the bed is easy to store, remove the lid and fold your bed in a bag when not in use.

Your cat will never catch a cold on this bed. The bed is 42 by 45 by 23 cm to keep your Bengal away from hot and cold floors. Additionally, the bed is soft and hollow to secure your cat while sleeping.

2. Best for Winter: BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Cat Bed

Bengal cats love to feel warmth while sleeping. This bed from BODISEINT is perfect for providing warmth to your cat. The bed is made from high-loft polyester and plush to keep your fur cat warm during the winter.

The bed has a water-resistant and non-skid bottom which is good to place on your tile or hardwood floor.

Additionally, this cat’s bed cover is irremovable. So, after washing the bed, ensure you dry it thoroughly, preferably in a dryer.

Furthermore, this bed is round-shaped and deep to ensure your furry friend feels loved and comfortable while sleeping or resting. 

3. Best Eco-Friendly: Feltcave Cat Cave Bed

I love this bed for my cat because it is handmade. It is made from 10% natural wool and handcrafted, and it is safe for your Bengal cat.

This Bengal cat bed from Feltcave is spacious. Your cat can curl up and stretch well to make your cat feel comfy in this cozy cat pod.

It is easy to clean. This cat bed requires light cleaning with water or a vacuum. Besides, this cotton handcrafted cat bed naturally repels odor and dirt; thus, it is low maintenance.

In addition, this cat bed has a dense, soft cotton wool layer making our cat bed ultra-durable to last longer.

4. Best Easy to Clean: K&H Pet Products Cat Bed

This cat bed from K&H pet products has an internal dual thermostat and a four-watt heating unit on the polyfill pillow base to warm the surface of the bed hence keeping your cat’s body warm through all seasons.

This bed is very secure for your fur Bengal cat. It is six inches tall with soft foam walls to make your cat feel comfortable and secure while in bed.

The bed is easy to wash. It features a removable cover. You can remove the cover for washing and later cover the bed when it fries off.

Furthermore, this electric cat bed is thermostatically controlled to automatically adhere to the temperature changes in your cat’s body temperature.

5. Best Durable: Bedsure Cat Beds

Bedsure cat beds feature stable and lightweight MDF boards to allow your cat under 20 pounds to jump freely around the bed.  

The bed has side scratching boards that are strong and durable for your cat to scratch and sharpen its claws. This way, your cat will not be tempted to scratch and destroy your furniture.

This cat bed from Bedsure has an 8.5’’ cave opening to the cat condo to ensure your cat will get stuck. The condo opening also got a hanging ball to attract your cat to play.

This cat bed is easy to store. The bed is foldable into a flat shape for easy storage and travel. Furthermore, the bed has thick cushions and a fur fleece mat that is reversible to provide great comfort to your Bengal cat during the winter and summer.

Wrap Up

As a cat owner, you might ask yourself, where should my Bengal kitten sleep? Your little fur deserves to sleep in a warm, secure, comfortable bed. For this reason, the above review features the best Bengal cat beds.

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