5 Best Litters for Bengal Cats (For Hygiene and Convenience)

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When choosing litter for your Bengal cat, don’t expect to get a specific litter for Bengals; there are few; most cat litters are multi-cat and will work just fine for your Bengal cat.

We’ve spent hours researching litter, learning about the various types of litter, studying the industry, and identifying the qualities essential in any good Bengal cat litter.

So we are confident we have developed a good sense of what types of litter for Bengal cats are available and which types tend to work best.

Based on that research, experience, and testing, we chose these 5 best litters for Bengal cats.

Quick Summary: 5 Best Litters for Bengal Cats


Litter Best Feature 
1. Arm and Hammer cat litter Non-stick
2. Purina tidy cats litter Lightweight 
3. Feline Pine cat litter Pellet-style
4. Smart Cat Grass litter All-natural
5. Cat’s Pride Cat litter Best odor-control


Best Litter for Bengal Cats: Our Top 5 Recommendations

1. Best Non-Stick: Arm and hammer slide platinum cat litter

Arm and hammer slide platinum cat litter is an excellent option and our top choice for your Bengal cat. It is full of fantastic features convenient for the cat and the owner.

The EZ clean technology makes the litter slide out of the litter box without scrubbing or scraping. This cat litter’s non-stick nature removes the dread of cleaning your cat’s litter box.

The arm and hammer cat litter is designed to eliminate all odors before they leave the litter box.

The moisture-active microgranules create a tight seal around the cat’s excrement, and the baking soda in the litter aids with odor control.

This litter is also easy to scoop and discard because of the plant-derived particles that help form strong clumps.

2. Best Lightweight Litter: Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter

Purina tidy cats is a lightweight and dust-free litter, allowing for a clean and easy pour. Purina also features smell-absorbing charcoal to get rid of any bad odor.

This litter is a 24-7 performance, non-clumping cat litter. It does everything that a good non-clumping litter does. It is super absorbent and has gained popularity among Bengal cat breeders for some while. 

The litter is free of dyes and fragrances that could affect sensitive cats. Purina litter forms tight, no-mess clumps that make scooping easier.

3. Best Pellet-Style Litter: Feline Pine Cat Litter

If you’re searching for a pellet-style litter, you might want to look at Feline Pine.

Feline Pine is made from compressed sawdust formed into pellets. When your cat uses the pellets, and they get moist, they disintegrate back into sawdust.

The Feline Pine is effective, especially when paired with a sifting litter box. So if you’re using a traditional scoop, lift the litter, shake out the sawdust into the trash can, and return the clean litter to the box.

It may be time-consuming and tedious, but with a sifting litter box, it becomes easier; you sift out the sawdust and throw it away, then replace the clean pellets ready to use again.

The Feline Pine does a fantastic job of controlling odors.

The only drawback with the Feline Pine is that it tends to track and scatter quite a lot. You won’t be getting the number of granules you usually would with a fine-grain litter; however, you’re getting these large chunks that can be difficult to clean up.

4. Best All-Natural Litter: Smart Cat All-Natural Clumping Grass Litter

So as the name suggests, this litter is made from grass. The clumping litter claims it can out-clump clay.

So how do they perform with Bengal cats? We first notice that the smart cat litter produces very little dust and a pleasant smell.

In the litter box, the smart cat performs brilliantly. It forms clumps quickly, and because of this, it forms the clumps right on the surface of the litter.

The moisture in the excrement is denied seepage to the bottom, making it highly unlikely that the litter will stick to your cat’s litter box.

The clumps on the surface make the litter easy to scoop and bin and also helps prevent the build-up of bad odors that would have otherwise occurred had litter stuck to the bottom or the sides of the litter box.

5. Best Odor-Control: Cat’s Pride Max Power Cat Litter

The cat’s pride cat litter for Bengal cats is a leading brand in the cat litter industry, and rightly so. It features a 10-day max power odor control formula that works instantly to eliminate foul smells.

The litter is scent-free, making it a great option for sensitive cats and households. It is also 99% dust-free, keeping floors tidy and the air fresh, free from pollution.

Traditional litters are heavy and difficult to pour and store. Cat’s pride is 25% lighter, making pouring and keeping the litter easier. The litter forms strong clumps that are easy to scoop and dispose of without mess.

Final Thoughts 

Before purchasing litter for your Bengal cat, ensure you evaluate the litter’s odor control, dust production, tracking and scattering, and capability.

We have listed the 5 best litters for your Bengal cat we believe are suitable for you and your purr friend.

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