7 Best Toys for Bengal Cats (To Keep Them Engaged and Playful)

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Are you looking for a cat toy to keep your energetic Bengal cat busy during playtime? It would help if you got a variety of toys since the cats can easily get bored.

There are various options to select from, and you may need help to get the best interactive toy for your feline friend. Stick on as we review some of the best cat toys for Bengal cats.

Quick Summary: Best Toys for Bengal Cats


Product  Best Feature
1. Bentopal Automatic Cat Toys Built-in sensor
2. Migipaws Cat Toys Colorful 
3. SmartyKat Electronic Motion Toys Mimic design 
4. Rechargeable Activated Cat Laser Toy Laser lights
5. Twincritters Refillable Cat Toys Refillable
6. Potaroma Fish Cat Toy Waggling 
7. Yofun Smart Interactive Toy Rotating 


Best Toys for Bengal Cats: Our Top 7 Choices

1. Best Overall: Bentopal Automatic Cat Toys

The automatic cat toys work well and will be the best indoor cat toy when you are out since they will shut off for 1.5 hours every 10 minutes to allow rest.

It’s a robotic toy with two motors that work independently for an irregular move to ensure your cat gets maximum exercise and will wag her tail in happiness.

The 620mAh battery allows it to work for 8 hours when in default mode, not to mention that the toy has various accessories for more fun.

Its built-in sensor inducts obstacles that shift the direction of the toy automatically, and you won’t worry about the toy always getting stuck.

2. Best Colorful: Migipaws Cat Toys

Your cat will love this amazing toy with colorful random feathers that randomly pop out on each of the seven holes using an AI inside the holes.

The smart distance sensor detects when your cat is approaching within 5 minutes to allow the feathers to pop out for more fun when playing around.

The 5 minutes auto-off feature keeps you from switching the toy on and off, and the feathers are durable enough to sustain your cat’s sharp claws.

3. Best Mimic Design: SmartyKat Electronic Motion Toys

The toy is great and provides enticement and excitement to your cat by mesmerizing and replicating erratic movement for a healthy activity all day.

It combines playtime with exercise with its hunt mimic design that works well when your cat feels down and inactive. Its moving lights and teasing feather tails entice your cat to pounce.

The battery-powered electronic concealed motion enables the toy to move at a different speed, stimulating your cat for hours. 

4. Best with Laser: Rechargeable Activated Cat Laser Toy

The long-range motion-activated toy has a built-in advanced motion sensor that catches the attention of cats moving around.

The toy will automatically turn off after working for 15 minutes, and the sensor activates once every two hours at most and works to a range of up to 160 inches.

It has fast and slow modes where the button helps switch from one mode to another. The adjustable circling ranges rotate across floors and walls to activate the hunting instinct.

The toy has a 1200mAh battery that keeps it working for up to 2 days continuously after 2.5 hours of charging.

5. Best for Kittens: Twincritters Refillable Cat Toys

The silvervine sardine two-pack bundle will provide a euphoric response for a long reaction. It’s the best substitute toy for Catnip.

It’s made from natural and organic catnip substitutes from crushed silvervine fruit. Your cat will love every moment of playing and taking this substitute.

You can refill the toy using rock refills to keep the fun after your cat finishes the silvervine fruit. The toy works perfectly for teething kittens.

6. Best for Gifting: Potaroma Fish Cat Toy

With this interactive toy, your Bengal cat will love every moment to help relieve boredom and loneliness. The automatic sensor kicks when your cat touches the toy, and the fish starts wiggling.

The movement looks like a real fish which keeps your kitty on her toes, ready to pounce on it, and this encourages exercise when your cat is alone.

It has a 350mAh upgraded battery capacity to keep it longer, with the joint part mechanism enhancing its lifetime.

7. Best Rotating: Yofun Smart Interactive Toy

The 360-degree self-rotation toy provides a fun playtime for your cat as he chases the ball around. 

The sphere shape has a self-balancing system that automatically allows the ball to change direction once it collides with objects.

It has an automatic shut-off after 40 minutes of fun rolling, making it suitable for an unsupervised cat. It has a rechargeable version that keeps your cat fun for up to 4 hours.

Final Thoughts

A good toy will keep your playful Bengal cat busy and help her overcome boredom and loneliness. Get a toy with long battery life to ensure more hours of unsupervised play as you attend other businesses. With Bengal’s energetic personality, the toy should provide a highly interactive session.

Remember to check durability since cats are playful and can easily destroy the toy. Ensure it’s made using strong quality materials to save you from replacing them frequently.

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