Best Treats for Bengal Cats (For a Healthy and Happy Life)

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If you are a Bengal cat owner, you know how sweet and loving they are. For this reason, you want to pamper and show them affection with the best treats for Bengal cats. However, treats need to be given in moderation to ensure they don’t add weight.

But what treats do Bengal cats like? Due to their wild nature, they like treats with meat and fish that are healthy and tasty to satisfy their cravings. In the below review, we will look at some of the best treats for Bengal cats.

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Quick Glance: Best Treats for Bengal Cats


Product Best Feature
1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats Crunchy
2. Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials  Salmon
3. INABA Churu Lickable Creamy Puree Cat Treats For taking medicine
4. FELINE Greenies Natural Cat Treats For dental care
5. Whole Life Pet Products Cat Treat Fresh treat


Best Treats for Bengal Cats: Our 5 Top Picks

1. Best Crunchy: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats

This cat treat from Blue Buffalo Wilderness is made from real salmon, chicken, turkey, and trout to satisfy your Bengal cat’s cravings for real meat. Moreover, if your cat loves a crunchy feel, this treat is baked to make a crunchy treat.

Each treat contains 1.5 calories to ensure your cat does not add weight. The treat contains no poultry by-products, soy, wheat, corn, preservatives, or artificial flavors. 

However, Blue buffalo wilderness cat treats contain healthy and wholesome ingredients like peas and potato starch for your little feline. The treat comes in a soft and crunchy texture, plus a salmon flavor that cats love.

2. Best Single Ingredient: Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials

This amazing treat from Life essentials by Cat-Man-Doo is made from 100% freeze-dried salmon. The crunchy fish cubes satisfy your Bengal cat’s fish cravings. Besides, this treat has no filters or added preservatives to ensure your cat feeds on a healthy treat.

To ensure your cat does not add weight, Life essentials has provided this treat that is healthy and low in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. The natural fish oil on this treat keeps your cat’s hair beautiful and shiny. The oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory for your cat’s joints. 

You can feed your little feline this healthy treat as a food topper over its dry kibble or any other dry meal.

3. Best for Feeding Medicine: INABA Churu Lickable Creamy Puree Cat Treat

This lickable creamy puree cat treats from INABA is made from wholesome ingredients such as wild-caught tuna and farm-raised chicken to satisfy your cat’s meat cravings. LThistreat is free from artificial colors, grains, and preservatives. 

This treat is high in moisture which is suitable for your cat’s nutritional value hence if your cat loves dry food, you can use this treatment as a food topper to add moisture to their food. 

This wet treat is good for taking medications, especially for stubborn cats who don’t like the taste of medicine.

Furthermore, the idea was to feed your little feline directly from the tube so you can interact and bond with your cat.

4. Best for Dental Care: FELINE Greenies Natural Cat Treats

This natural treat from Greenes is made from natural ingredients, added minerals, vitamins, premium proteins, and other essential nutrients. This tasty treat has only chicken flavor with no artificial preservatives or flavors.

Each treat contains less than two calories to ensure your cat’s weight is in check. The treat includes a tasty and crunchy texture that helps to clean your cat’s teeth, freshen their breath and reduce the formation of tartar. 

Feline Greeny’s natural cat treats have an irresistible taste because of the presence of salmon, tuna, and oven-roasted chicken, which have unique flavors to satisfy your cat’s wild meat cravings. 

5. Best Fresh Treat: Whole Life Pet Products Cat Treat

This cat treats from Whole Life Pet Products is made from one product, 100% pure chicken, which is good for cats with stomach sensitivity. The chicken is dry-frozen to retain its flavor and freshness. 

In addition, this cat treat is clean from any by-products, grains, filters, meals, glutens, chemicals, or salts. This treatment can be used as a meal topper for your kitty. 

Whole Life Pet Products cares for the safety of your cat. That’s why this cat treat goes through testing to test for harmful bacteria and quality control before it is released to the market.  

Final Thoughts

Bengals cats are very playful; hence they need a lot of energy to complement their activities. What makes Bengal cats happy is good treats that are tasty and creamy. Furthermore, the best treats for Bengal cats should be high in protein and low in calories.

Now that you have options for your Bengal cat treats, choose the best according to their nutritional needs.

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